• Garment Of Snow
  • Georgian Bay Rhapsody
  • The Grasp
  • Lake Superior Highlands
  • Careful Footing Required
  • Garment of Snow
  • The Sheltering Rock
  • River Bed
  • Doe Lake
  • Windswept Georgian Bay
  • Anne's Journey
  • Madawaska RIver
  • That Day Last Fall
  • Tofino Beach
  • The Lethbridge Coulee
  • Tofino Beach Facing South
  • Restless River
  • Hay Bales
  • Oxtongue River
  • Driving Home
  • Wetland Near the Mill

Shelley Newman, SCA

Born in Windsor Ontario in 1959, Shelley now lives in Georgetown Ontario, where she has been able to focus exclusively on oil painting.

The subject matter of her work is the landscape where her style has evolved into realism. Frequently navigating through Canada’s wild spaces, painting ‘en plein air’,  Shelley then takes her inspiration into the studio to create her large canvases.

Shelley hopes to evoke an emotional stirring of serenity and stillness in the viewer, as though they have been transported to her original vista.

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