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Fall 2022 Application process for Elected membership

Applications will be accepted for SCA Elected membership from September 6th to October 20th, 2022.  Please read the SCA Fall 2022 jury process information carefully as there have been a number of changes.

The Society of Canadian Artists call for Elected membership opens September 6th and closes on October 20th, 2022. Successful applicants will be notified by November 12th. Elected membership is open to all professional artists who are either:
1) A Canadian-born citizen living in Canada, or are temporarily or permanently living outside of Canada.
2) Born outside of Canada but have become a Permanent Resident and currently reside in Canada. 

The following is provided at this time for your information only, and is subject to change.

Important Dates and information

  • Application Window: September 6 to October 20, 2022  Notification: November 12, 2022
  • Application Jury Fee $75 (non-refundable, subject to change), payable through PayPal
  • Your CV must include all the required sections included below.
  • Your application must include images of 10 works that have been completed in the past 3 years
  • The application for Elected membership is to be submitted in English, and with the 11 attachments (1  CV + 10 images = 11)

The Jurying Process

Elected membership is a juried process.  Your work and experience will be adjudicated by five Elected members from  across Canada who represent a wide variety of experience, medium and style. 

Jurying Criteria - Artistic works

Applications for Elected membership will have their work assessed on the following criteria

  • Demonstrates technical excellence in the chosen medium(s)
  • The work submitted has an overall cohesiveness and displays consistency in thought & style
  • Has a uniqueness or originality in style or subject matter.
  • Is well composed, commands good use of design elements and has an area(s) of dominance
  • Good use of color, value, shape, form, and contrast
  • Has an impact that evokes a reaction or commands the viewers’ attention
The decisions of the jurors is final and cannot be contested.  

Jurying Criteria - Curriculum vitae (CV)

Your artistic experience and background are given as much consideration during the jurying process as your body of work.  As part of the submission process you will be required to submit your CV which must contain the follow 11 point sections. Save the files named as: firstname_lastname_CV.pdf


  1. Professional Development: Include art education, training, major workshops attended, etc.
  2. Memberships & Affiliations: include only those art associations that were obtained through the process of jury or election.
  3. Exhibitions: limit information to last 10 years
  4. Galleries, Public/Private collections: List galleries you’re are associated with, and any major corporate or public collections that have collected your work.
  5. Awards, Public Recognition & Other Accomplishments: limit award information to the last 10 years, other artistic accomplishments that have not been noted elsewhere on this application.
  6. Publications: list any publications your work has been featured in, written articles, books, etc
  7. Contributions to the Artistic Community: Include art related professional experience such as teaching, instructing workshops, volunteerism, jurying experience.
  8. Personal contribution to the SCA: A brief statement on how you would, if accepted ans an Elected member, personally voluntarily contribute to the work of the SCA. If possible, list specific areas of expertise you may have such as workshop coordination, exhibition coordination, website knowledge, etc.
  9. Biography and Artists Statement/Vision: Keep the two separate. Combined maximum of 400 words. Include a vision of where your work is and where you want it to be in the future.
  10. Motivation for becoming a member of the SCA: A brief statement on your reasons for applying for Elected membership, including how you heard about the Society of Canadian Artists.
  11. Introduction Statement & Image: Should your application be successful, this statement will be included in the SCA newsletter, the SCA website, and a slide show introducing newly Elected members at the SCA Annual General Meeting. Also, please indicate which one of your 10 images you would like included with this statement. 

entry conditions and image specifications

Applicants must verify that their submitted work meets the following conditions and ensure their image files meet the specifications as noted.

  • All work must have been completed with the last three (3) years.
  • All work must NOT be copies or derivatives based in any way on other copyrighted or published paintings, photographs or other artistic works.
  • Digital files must be in JPG format and be PC/MAC compatible. When opened, only the image of the artwork should show (cropped with no frame, no mat board or extraneous background showing).
  • Image files should have a recommended with of 1920 pixels but no smaller than 1200px or larger than 2400px, saved at the highest possible quality.
  • The file size should be in the range of 1.0MB to 2.5 MB, depending on the amount of detail.
  • The 10 image files should be named in this format:
    Example: 01_John_Smith_Waterfall_OilOnPanel_20x16.jpg

Submission Process

The Society of Canadian Artists uses a 3rd party online submission system called EntryThingy.

When you proceed to the submission section below, you will enter your submission on their site. 

You will need to have, or create, an account on EntryThingy in order to submit your entry. Also note that EntryThingy is an English-only site.

The SCA call for entry you want to submit to will be called “Fall 2022 Call for Elected Membership“.


Jury results are typically available within a month of the application deadline.  However, because our jurors are from across Canada, there could potentially be a short delay.

Should your application be successful, your annual membership fee for current year of $105 (subject to change) is due immediately upon notification.

For current Associates to upgrade to Elected Status, you would be subject to payment of $50.00 immediately upon notification. Details regrading the form of payment will be included in your acceptance letter.

If you have any questions regarding being an Elected member please send an email to [email protected] 


If you have any questions regarding the application process please send an email to our Fall 2022 Elected jury coordinator, Attn. Jayne Couch at [email protected] 

Need a bit more Help?

Two of our members are available to mentor you in the process of photographing your artwork or how to prepare an effective application. 

Application Preparation

Andrew Sookrah SCA-Hon

Andrew Cheddi Sookrah is available to provide assistance to anyone wishing to apply for membership to the SCA, his guidance will include a review of selected works (with feedback solely on how to best meet requirements for application, i.e. consistency, and not on quality of work), clarity of images, etc., and a clarification if needed, of the requirements.

Contact Andrew at [email protected]

Photographing your artwork

jack gilbert sca

On photographing artwork: I can offer help in shooting and submitting your artwork.
At a minimum you will require a semi professional digital camera, perhaps lights specifically designed for photography, a tripod, possibly a polarizing filter, and a cable release.
If you then intend to self edit your photos please advise me of your computer and the post editing software you intend to use. Alternatively you may have to take your photos to a professional lab for processing.

Contact Jack at [email protected]

THe SCA FALL 2022 Call FOR
Good Luck to all entrants