Fall 2022 New Elected Members

Congratulations to our newest members

The Society of Canadian Artists 2022 Fall Elected membership jury recently concluded and 7 Canadian artists were selected as Elected members of the SCA.  Our new artists represent a unique variety of styles, mediums and subjects.  We commend all the artists who applied and encourage those who may not have been accepted this time to keep creating and submit to our next jury.

Thank you to Jane Crouch, SCA, our New Member Liaison who coordinated this year’s Elected membership jury. And a special thank you to the 5 jurors, representing all regions of Canada who participated in this endeavour.

Take a moment to meet our new members

Liane Bedard, SCA 

Judith Harvey, SCA 

Golnaz Khadivi Zand, SCA

David Mcauley, SCA

Gordon Pym, SCA

Josee Tellier, SCA

Susan Typert, SCA

Liane Bedard, SCA 

Mississauga, ON

I work with transparent watercolour layered in multiple glazes over detailed drawing to create clean and luminous works on paper. With a preference for the play of light and shadow, I am focused on the beauty of transient sunlight for dynamic compositions. I am inspired to pay tribute to the fleeting moments we all see, but pass us by so quickly.

Judith harvey, SCA

Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC

Painting has been part of my life as far back as I can remember. 

All the colours of the rainbow in pots of paint I discovered as a child, could be wonderfully transformed into anything my imagination conjured up.

The subject matter has changed over the years, but the thrill of “creating” something out of a blank canvas never wanes. More than ever, I am grateful for the gift. The activity of painting is where joy lies.

Golnaz Khadivi zand, SCA

Thornhill, ON

In my paintings and artworks, I portray the struggles and concerns that I have faced as an immigrant woman. No matter what country one emigrates from, your beliefs, values, traditions, and culture are like the contents of a suitcase that one carries throughout their life in a new country.

This new painting, The Frame, uses symbolism that recalls surrealism and is painted in a naturalistic manner. I have used my daughter as the model in order to consider the differences between my life experience and hers. She is
half covered and half-reveale, to express how she is part of two worlds.

To portray the limitations of any point of view, I have her holding a frame, outside which a colder, less accurate quality of light is depicted. The draped Persian carpet over her legs references both Iran and symbolizes heaven on the earth. But, as I am not fully able to feel at home in this new place, the carpet is not laid fully flat upon the ground. The figure is enclosed by curtains that prevent her from being fully present in her current reality. In this painting, I reflect on myself in both a personal way and in relation to society. My hope is for the imagery to resonate with migrants of any background and to reveal the complexity of the experience to those who haven’t gone through it.

David Mcauley, SCA

Falun, AB

My name is David McAuley, and I am a recycled metal artist, also known as Tree Up Cycler. My mission as an artist is to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

I accomplish this mission through each piece of art I create. By using discarded objects in my work, I can reduce my environmental footprint and inspire others to find beauty in items that are often overlooked. This allows me to use my creative vision to nurture the human spirit while keeping unnecessary things out of landfills. As a sustainable artist, I am passionate about giving back to others and encouraging the development of new skills with emerging and seasoned artists. I am always willing to share what I know about creating art with anyone wanting to learn. I look forward to the opportunity to grow myself and my work alongside members of the SCA. I believe that together we can produce a more robust presence within the artistic community and have a more considerable impact on society.

Gordon Pym, SCA 

Beaconsfield, QC

My painting over time has evolved from earlier moody, tonalist landscapes which at times bordered

on the semi-abstract, now to a more focused interest in realism, particularly of the sky and most recently, the sea.

There is still a ‘tonalist’ aesthetic to my work, notably the lack of human involvement, other than a  path or two and the isolation of a few key elements such as grass or trees in a vast landscape.

There is also a focus on the everyday happenings such as the build-up of clouds, a wave rolling in or a storm far at sea.

Josee Tellier SCA

Beloeil, QC

Gold medallist of Paris Académie Arts Sciences et Lettres, Officer of Mondial ArtAcademia and Academician of Académie Internationale des Beaux Arts du Québec, shehas received numerous national and international awards from both the jury and thepublic. She is also represented by several major galleries in Quebec. She has numerous solo, group and symposium exhibitions to her credit. Her paintings can be found in public, corporate and private collections in Canada, the United States, France, China and Spain.

The uniqueness of her work resides in a technique of bas-relief with combination of stained glass. Working on wood, the use of tools, glass and various materials allows herto model and sculpt the Canadian architectural heritage that she wants to make joyful using bright colors: a classic approach but rejuvenated by modern materials and a colorful vision of naive tendency.

Susan Typert, SCA 

Whitby, ON

Whether working in oils or pastel, my style is painterly. My work has been described as “loose realism with the touch of a colourist”. I want viewers to be captured by the bold use of colour, then pulled into the subtle details within the painting.

I am looking forward to continuing my art journey within the SCA as many of the artists that I admire are members. I am hopeful that this high level of work will continue to push me to new levels in my own work.

It is a pleasure to have these new members within our ranks. We look forward to seeing their work in future Society of Canadian Artists exhibitions.  Congratulations and Welcome!

Fall 2022 New Elected Members