2022 New Elected Members

Congratulations to our newest members

The Society of Canadian Artists 2022 Elected membership jury recently concluded and 3 Canadian artists were selected as Elected members of the SCA.  Our new artists represent a unique variety of styles, mediums and subjects.  We commend all the artists who applied and encourage those who may not have been accepted this time to keep creating and submit to our next jury.

Thank you to Bob Shackles, SCA, our New Member Liaison who coordinated this year’s Elected membership jury. And a special thank you to the 5 jurors, representing all regions of Canada who participated in this endeavor.

Take a moment to meet our new members

Danielle Beaulieu, SCA

Cumberland, ON

Danielle Beaulieu finds inspiration for her watercolours in quiet corners which for a few brief moments have taken on a deeper significance to her. Antiques include old crystal and silver objects, hold mysterious knowledge waiting patiently to be revealed through her paintings. These common items are often overlooked by many people. She enjoys giving renewed life to antiques. While painting these subjects, she can imagine the stories of the people who used the antiques which are often common day to day objects.

It would be an honour to be and elected member of the SCA to enlarge my circle of artist colleagues.

Elizabeth Evans , SCA

Sunshine Coast, BC

“I’m honoured to have been chosen for membership in a very select group of high calibre Canadian artists. Art has been my career and passion for over 60 years and I feel as if I’m just getting started.”

Martin Murphy SCA

Vancouver, BC

I’ve had the urge to create from an early age. It’s all I know. My father used to say I was in the imagination business. My oil paintings are large in scale with a traditional feel. I paint figures, still life, and have a fascination with koi.

Calgary, AB

It is a pleasure to have these new members within our ranks. We look forward to seeing their work in future Society of Canadian Artists exhibitions.

2022 New Elected Members