Member Recognition

The Society of Canadian Artists would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to those members, past and present, who have dedicated their time and commitment to the advancement of our society.

Here we honor our Founding Members, Life Members and Honorary Members. We also recognize those members who have volunteered to run our organization, our Past Presidents.

We also pay respect to those members who are no longer with us.

Founding Members







Life members have the distinction of being an active member in good standing for 30 or more years.  That is quite the achievement!

Janet Baker, SCA

Janet Basmadjian, SCA

Susan Blackadar, SCA

Ron Bolt, SCA

Zora Buchanan, SCA

Paul Chester, SCA

Deborah Colvin, SCA

Barbara Cooper, SCA

Les Dewar, SCA

Sally Durie, SCA

Elizabeth Elliot, SCA

Shirley Erskine, SCA

Linda Finn, SCA

Barbara Fostka, SCA

Collee Foster, SCA

Justine Giuliani, SCA

Heather Grindley, SCA

Linda Kemp, SCA

Brent Laycock, SCA

Ken Mamchure, SCA

Carolyn Megill, SCA

Margaret Nurse, SCA

Carol Schieffeger, SCA

Arthur Steven, SCA

Yoshiko Sunahara, SCA

Janine Tardif-Hebert, SCA

Johanna Van Kempen, SCA

Michael Walker, SCA

Donna Wise, SCA

Mary Wright, SCA

Laurie-Ann Zachar Copple, SCA

Donna Jo Massie, SCA

honorary members

Elected honorary members

These Elected members have received Honorary membership for their continuous and exemplary contributions to the Society of Canadian Artists.

Janet Basmadjian, SCA

Ron Bolt, SCA

Josy Britton, SCA

Dorothy Chisholm, SCA

Elizabeth Crammond, SCA

Sue Ericsson, SCA

Pat Fairhead, SCA

Kathy Hildebrandt, SCA

Peggy Johnston, SCA

Ann Kruzelecky, SCA

Carolyn Megill, SCA

Joan Nicol, SCA

Kjell Orrling, SCA

Karin Richter, SCA

George Sanders, SCA

Andrew Sookrah, SCA

honorary members

The Society of Canadian Artists also bestows Honorary members to those outside of the society who have made significant contributions to either the society itself or the arts community in general. 

Judy Bolt

Bill Buchanan

Ina Gilbert

Neil Patterson

Mary Pratt

The Honorable Senator, Patricia Bovey

Past Presidents

The SCA owes a debt of gratitude to those members who have generously volunteered their time to guide the society over the decades. 

George Shane, SCA

Al Haslett, SCA

Pat Fairhead, SCA

Ina Gilbert, SCA
(1968, 1970)

Ron Bolt, SCA
(1969-70, 1972-74)

Janet Basmadjian,
SCA (1978-80)

Carolyn Megill, SCA (1983)

Peggy Johnston, SCA (1986)

Elizabeth Crammond, SCA  (1991-93)

George Sanders, SCA

Sue Ericsson, SCA

Kjell Orrling, SCA

Peter Large, SCA

Zora Buchanan, SCA

Lynn Soehner, SCA

Gerald St. Maur, SCA

Josy Britton, SCA 

Ann Kruzelecky, SCA (2015–16)

Ortansa Moraru, SCA

Kathy Hildebrandt, SCA

Marissa sweet, SCA 

Office of the President

From 2007 to 2011, the SCA operated without one person assuming the President position.  The following members stepped up to work together to fulfill the role.

Bill Buchanan, FCA

Eva Gerold, SCA

Linda Hobley, SCA

Karin Richter, SCA

Dorothy Chisholm, SCA

Andrew Sookrah, SCA (2008-11)

Gilbert Strudwick,
SCA (2008)

Ed Yaghdjian, SCA

Stuart Arnett, SCA

Josy Britton, SCA

In Memoriam

The Society of Canadian Artists extends their condolences to the family and friends of members who have passed on.  This is a partial list since 2013,  of those members who are no longer with us. 

Ina Gilbert, SCA (Hon) Founder (2023)

Shernya Vininsky, SCA (2022)

Leah Dockrill (2022), SCA

Gerald Lock, SCA (St. Maur) (2022)

Lucie Simons, SCA (2021)

David Bircher, SCA (2021)

Gil Caldwell SCA (2021)

Chris Katzeil SCA (2021)

Anthony J Batten SCA Hon. (2020)

Elizabeth Myles Elliot (2020)

Peter Gough SCA (2020)

Ann Kelly Walsh (2020)

Joanne Lucas Warren (2019)

Mary Pratt, Hon (2018)

Geoffrey Armstrong, SCA (2018)

Janet Basmadjian, SCA (2018)

Shelley Beach, SCA (2018)

Mary Anne Ludlam, SCA (2016)

Elizabeth Gibson, SCA

George Minard Sanders, SCA Hon. (2015)

Aliasghar Massoumi, SCA (2016)

Jeanette Labelle, SCA (2015)

Pierrette Dulude-Bohay, SCA (2015)

Darlean Morris, SCA (2014)

John Mlacak, SCA (2014)

Paul Rupert, SCA (2013)